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U9 E-Sports

August 16, 2017

U9 League’s first tournament

Spectators overflow the CM Store venue.

Perhaps you’re still a little unfamiliar with the U9 League but that’s about to change. The league is comprised of nine university teams and the first tournament was held over the course of 3 days at Cooler Master’s CM Store. Those in attendance were not only able to watch intense eSports action, but were also able to experience Cooler Master’s newest gaming related products. There were also a lot of unique mods and accessories on display for the spectators to check out.

Tournament Pictures

The game being played on Day 1 was Overwatch. All the players were confident. The expectations were high for very exciting matches. Even if they lost, they mustn’t lose heart. At this moment they are competing for the quarter-finals seed, while in the second half of the day, they will still have another chance to compete.

Systems for competitive play are very important, otherwise if there is a technical error or hardware lag, a player could easily get killed. Cooler Master provided all the components as well as a graphics card riser, allowing the graphics cards lighting effects to be clearly seen.

Congratulations to the first round winners. For those that lost, don’t get discouraged! There will be another opportunity to win.
For this eSports league competition, you can see how every team communicated and performed, as well as the tactics that they deployed. Everyone who attended found the competition interesting. Remember that this weekend will also have other games besides Overwatch. Take advantage of this opportunity to come down to CM Store and check out the action.