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Top Trending Worklogs of Case Mod World Series (Part 2)

May 2, 2017

Written by: San Bhanu

After months of intense competition, many of the modders are working around the clock to finish their master pieces. Check out some of the worklogs or Facebook group.  Before we hand off this off to our judge panel, here are some of the most viewed projects to date (also see ‘Top Trending Worklogs of the Case Mod World Series’).

Krazy Case by Bob Lindall (USA)

Bob starts with the creation of the frame by cutting and assembling aluminum rods. The mod is designed to have a keyboard, mouse, steering wheel controller, a racing seat, and an inbuilt audio system. All these together with a high-end system connected to a triple display setup will give the best simulation experience when playing racing games and possibly all games.

This is  quite a big project and with just a little time remaining, it is intriguing to see how Bob will transform this enclosure from a feature rich design to an aesthetically pleasing simulation system.

Mad Goose by Raket4ik (Russia)

The theme of this Mod is a Steam-Punk retro style space ship created with scrap metal parts. The whole housing of the mod is built with  scrap  parts with lots of reshaping and redesigning. The concept and design is not the only interesting part of this project, but the actual process of building it as well.

Most of the parts for this mod come from things like old car parts, broken down scooters , tractor radiators, and even an old Soviet gas mask. Raket4ik uses these parts, cuts them, welds them, and merges them to form very interesting designs to match his concept. He says “I’m going to build my fashion”. Layout wise, this might be similar to Project Vega which we saw in Part 1 of this series.Since the mod is made up of of junk parts, they each have their own colors and design styles. Redesigning those parts to fit together to form a consistent flow throughout the design is a big challenge. If Raket4ik is not painting the parts, lots of thought must be put into matching everything down to the welds to represent a single piece of work.

DuZeru by André Paula (Portugal)

André starts the project by flipping the MasterCase 3 Pro upside down and working on a totally inverted layout. Themed off the open source OS, the design of this system also follows closely with a free flow of ideas. As the mod progresses, Andre implements different design alterations which he thinks fit well with his tone. The bottom panel has been converted into an SSD tray and the top chamber is where the PSU and HDDs are held.

The worklog for this project consists mainly of video logs which are very informative to aspiring modders and interesting for enthusiasts to quickly go through. André does not go far from our initial projections on the design, as he creates an open-air type design with orange accents and a totally new and intriguing component layout.  It will be very interesting to see the complete layout of the mod once it’s completed.

Cyber Kitsune by Jaqueline Abrão (Brazil)

Kaladesh is a card game full ofmagical creations and characters in it.Within that card game is a creature that resembles a fox with  artifact-like designs on its body. This is what inspired Jaqueline (Jack) to create Cyber Kitsune from  the Cooler Master Elite 110 Chassis. Almost all the parts for this mod are hand-crafted with different tools on various materials.

The base  is the standard chassis with  hand-crafted parts added in around it to take the shape of the foxlike  creature. Compared to the designs of the card game,  Cyber Kitsune is much more detailed and assembled with many intricate parts. The base shape of the fox is sculpted from styrofoam and then molded to create the finished parts and shapes. Once all the parts were created with molds and sheets, Jaqueline added colors with spray guns and brushes to match with the color scheme of the original figure.

All these together with LED lighting creates a highly detailed and super cute mod. The mod itself is already completed but we  hope to see some good pictures of the final build and the components that went in it.

Sleeper by Craig Tate (USA)

Another project that is taking part in the 25th Anniversary category is  Sleeper based on an old Cooler Master ATCS chassis. This case is a premium built aluminum chassis with exceptional workmanship. It is like a classic car such as a mid-90s Mustang or a Camaro SS. Craig’s idea is to tune it up and put a big block V8 under the hood while keeping the classic body of the original case .

For Craig’s idea to come to life, he needs to rebuild the whole internal structure to fit water cooling components and adequate fan mounts to cool the beastly components. First comes the disassembly of the chassis to alter the parts with custom made aluminum replacements. Then these are joined together by brazing the pieces. Aluminum brazing is where the parts are heated with a torch and welded together using a brazing rod. Craig also uses CNC milling to create some custom parts for the mod, like a front cover with the Cooler Master Logo.

The worklog is far from completion and we are curious to see how Craig will showcase those high-end components and finally awaken the Sleeper.

Now that the final submission process is over, it is time to pick the winners. Soon the People’s Choice Award voting will be open to the public so make sure to watch the official Case Mod World Series 2017 page for the latest updates.