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Top Trending Worklogs of the Case Mod World Series (Part 1)

April 6, 2017

Written by: San Bhanu

This year Cooler Master’s Case Mod World Series is bigger than ever before with a large number of case modders joining from all over the world. From Scratch Builds to Tower Mods, ITX to EAXT, small systems to mammoth mods, this year’s World Series has got them all. It is intriguing to see these projects transform from a concept to a reality. In this article, we take a look at five of the most viewed work-logs.

Half Life by SotosLg (Greece)

We all love the game Half-Life and this mod is being constructed around the main protagonist Gordon Freeman. Based on a Cooler Master Cavalier case, this mod goes through some extreme external and internal modifications. It is interesting to see how this modder transforms the internals of this classic.

Here we see heavy use of fiberglass and putty to give the externals a realistic mud-like effect. What follows is the most interesting where SotosLg uses a variety of painting techniques like crackle effect, rusting, the scorched look, and color splash on different parts of the chassis.

Although it is still early, we are sure that we will see some great paint effects used in this project together with cool putty texturing. What got us curious is the use of a 5” touch screen display which could potentially be an in-build screen for the system to display information or videos. Maybe some gameplay footage?

Project Vega by S.PiC (Russia)

It is likely that we will have floating computers within this century and Project Vega is one of those case mods that make you dream of outer space and reminds us of games like Mass Effect. This Cooler Master MasterCase 5 undergoes a complete structural change in its transformation into a futuristic spaceship.

S.PiC skillfully crafts wood to build the base shape of his space craft and adds detail with different materials to match the theme. All these hand-crafted pieces assemble to form a three compartment like shape with the master case/hull in the center and two thruster engines on either side. The ITX motherboard in the center and GPU on the sides can be accessed with top openings on all three sections. These are all hinged and once opened gives an extra cool look to make it seem as if the space ship has transformed.

The finishing touch is to get rid of the boring wood finish with paint and detailing. With the help of an airbrush, S.PiC adds weathering effects to make the painted wood look like futuristic metal. All these techniques with some well-placed LEDs make this mod look exactly like a spaceship out of a science fiction movie.

Chrono Master by neSSa (Serbia)

Take your ‘time’ reading this because this time machine mod is a work of art. With moving gears and parts this mod looks more like an actual clock inside the MasterCase Pro 5 rather than a working computer.

In its core, the Master Case Pro5 is fully altered to a new component layout with a reversed and inverted motherboard tray and laser cut aluminum panels. But laser cutting is not the only CNC technique ‘NeSSa’ uses in this epic mod. The top IO panel is also remade with a 3D Printer to fit custom momentary switches and a pressure gauge connected to the cooling loop. We see some advanced CAM machinery at work here when looking at the worklog.

The front panel gear wheels start spinning as soon as the systems starts and it uses an Arduino to control the servo motors. Connected to the same Arduino is the number display on the side. This mod moves away from simple hand crafting techniques to advanced industrial machinery and this is where case modding is heading for many modders as more of them get access to advanced CAM machinery.

Gold Rush by MT. Mods (UK)

This Mod is all about matching colors and adding subtle details to make it one of the most exotic mods in this year’s competition. It starts with the creation of a PSU shroud and a new rear panel. This is coupled with a full chassis paint job. Laser cutting has been the trend for many of the mods in this competition and it continues with Mt. Mods using laser cutting and engraving to cut detailed patterns for aesthetic purposes.

But there is no Gold Rush without a mine or real gold, and this mod stays true to its name. MT. ModS uses 24K Gold plating to permanently paint the fittings with real gold. He removed the existing chrome plate from the fittings and used an electro plating technique to add real gold into to the exterior of the fittings. Even most of the other logos and branding are wrapped and glued with gold foil.

All these intricate details combine to transform this MasterCase Pro 5 into a premium work of art that even Mike Myers couldn’t resist. Points if you got the reference.

Maker Theater by BJPC (Australia)

With all the new epic movies coming out this year you might wish you had a theater in your home. BJPC is making his own mini theater from scratch with the use of various materials. The construction starts with the World Series truck delivering the components, the center of focus being the MasterLiquid Maker 92.

This is another ITX form factor mod and this time it is housed by a toy. Yes, you read that right. Most modders put computers inside toys like cars and trucks, but BJPC is taking toys apart and using the pieces to assemble his movie theater. The base is made with a steel frame and houses most of the components including a dual 80mm radiator. Throughout the worklog he uses cranes and other toy figures to make the construction process much more enjoyable.

The most interesting part of this build is the size and compact nature of the mod. From what it seems, the system is fully liquid cooled and seeing how compact it is, the temperature and performance figures would be very interesting to see. But what is more promising about this mod is the amount of detailing work and airbrushing that will ultimately go into the finished project.