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Richard Surroz

December 30, 2016


If we can bring in that DIY mentality so people can create a home PC that really represents who you are in terms of aesthetics and performance. I think that represents a huge opportunity.

A walking crucible of ideas and influences, Richard Surroz first engaged his aptitude for taking things apart and putting them back together by disassembling his toys and crib as a toddler. He’s been similarly knocking down barriers to creativity and escaping limitations ever since, and became world renowned in the modding community for the jaw-dropping, organ-popping Autopsy mod that propelled him to pro stardom in 2007.

Cooler Master has worked with Richard, or DarthBeavis as he is widely known, since bringing him on board to judge our 2013 Case Mod World Series competition, a role he’s fulfilled every year since. We’ve also backed him up a few times on his Vanilla Ice Project series on the DIY Network, which helps showcase not only Richard’s modding skills, but also his vision that PCs should have an integral role in the modern smart home.

Richard sprung to mind when we began seeking feedback on the MaserConcept as he is an advocate of modding as an art form, and as a playground to explore creativity and skill-sharing – both things we were trying to do through the case itself.

Powering Modding

“I wanted a high-performance, stable gaming system. I demanded the best aesthetics as the gaming PC to me is a work of art on your desk as well as being a tool.”

Ultra High Performance

80 Plus Platinum Certified Modular Cable Designs

FreeForm Modular System

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