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Winning the Ultimate Game Machine

The winners of the Red Bull Trinity tournament, RBGiveWing of Hong Kong, brings home the trophy of the ultimate gaming machine customized and built from the ground up by AK MOD, one of Taiwan’s top pro modders. Aesthetics, power and performance was achieved with a combination of Red Bull theme with hardware and tools from Cooler Master, Asus, Bitspower, GSkill and Dremel.

Pros want it built

Pro gamers want their systems built with exact precision and the best hardware that gives them the winning edge. AK MOD planned the layout carefully with Cooler Master and ASUS components and modded the system with the Red Bull Trinity theme.

State-of-the-art Cooling

Cooling performance and customized look was made possible with Cooler Master’s limited edition DIY liquid cooling, Cooler Master MasterLiquid Maker 240. The pure copper water block is at the core this “3D-styled” customized liquid loop, which gives a unique view of the liquid flow from all angles.

About AK Mod

AK MOD is an up-and-coming modder from Taiwan that has quickly gained a reputation for building premium and sleek styled mods. His articulate taste for detailed and quality build puts him on par with today’s top pro modders in the world. For the Red Bull Trinity trophy build, he made sure that the system is fit for the champions.

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More info on Cooler Master products used

Cosmos C700P
MasterLiquid Maker 240
MasterWatt Maker 1500
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