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Pramod Natha Hambir

February 2, 2016

My real name is Pramod Natha Hambir, but in India I’m often known as “PROMOD”.

Sometimes people asked me if I changed my name since it already ends in “MOD”. But I believe destiny chose me for the position of modder and that’s why my parents named me “PRAMOD.”

Modding has been around for a long time. Before I ever considered modifying a PC case, I had already seen countless mods on social media and forums. The one thing that they all had in common was that they were from places outside of India. When I started modding back in 2014, one of my key motivations was the question “why can’t we make anything like this in India?” I asked myself this over and over again until I eventually decided that I’d just have to do it myself.

My partner, Sameer Jagtap, and I started Havok Nation two years ago as the defiant answer to my question. People in India can make awesome mods and I was going to be one of the first Indians to prove it. We started our company with the goal of providing high end, custom builds for gamers, designers, and PC enthusiasts. We took this route because there was no other way to fund our projects. When we first started, sponsored modding projects were unheard of in India. There was no modding community or platform to even try to apply for support from. I owe a lot to Cooler Master for recognizing my passion and supporting my modding endeavors.

I started working with Cooler Master in 2015 after winning the “Design and Win” competition held by Cooler Master India. The prize for winning was a Cooler Master Master Case 5, which we later used to create the DeadPool Mod. This project was a roaring success and has opened the doors for many opportunities. We showcased the DeadPool Mod at multiple events, including a DeadPool movie premier event. This mod has received an overwhelming amount of positive response from PC enthusiasts all over the world. This recognition was the greatest motivation for us and only fueled our already burning passion for modding.

We’ve gone on to create even greater modding projects and continuously work to improve our skills. Havok Nation has gone on to create a few accessories for the MasterCase ecosystem and even had one shown at Computex 2016. Very recently, we collaborated with Cooler Master to create a Game of Thrones PC mod which we were able to give to a designer and help him power his own passion. This was one of the most challenging mods we’ve ever done. We had a very limited number of tools and couldn’t use a traditional case build. This test of skill required everything we had, but we passed with flying colors.

Now the modding community is rapidly growing in India. Many new modders sprout up all the time. Havok Nation has even started providing basic level modding training to interested students with the help of Cooler Master India. It makes me proud to be able to say that I started something special that has brought PC enthusiasts all over India and the rest of the world together.