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Ragnar`s Revenge, The Viking Computer

Ever since I have been into modding I have wanted to
build this Viking theme PC. I was born in Tynemouth
England and had learnt a lot about how they raided up north.
I visited the Jorvik Viking museum in York and over the years
gathered more infos about all I wanted to integrate. Not just
the known true facts but also the myths and legends like horned
helmets and Odin and co. were to find theri place in this mod.

After I saw the first episode of the new VIKINGS series with
Ragnar Lothbrock, I was so inspired how well it was dne that
I started this build and called in Ragnars`s Revenge due to
the revenge he takes against his brother Rollo for betraying him.

While beeing a full fledge computer with webcam speakers and
integrated screen, I did my best to integrate, but also hide
as much of the modern hardware and build it in such a way that
every thing works, that it lacks nothing but still does not kill
the theme by displaying acryl or modernity in any way. All modern
day hardware parts can be hidden and are motorised, but visibly
only mechanically driven with pully and winches and baton rams
and drwer bridge lever systems and chains etc.. The doors cave
in on the whole build draping the inner hardware. The webcam can
be hidden or revealed behind the helmet via the drawer bridge
mechnical lever system and can be set to automatic too. the 7″
monitor can be servi driven into the case to conceal it when
the case doors are closed. The baton rams are actually switches
to turn th build on or eject the dvd drive. and much much more.

Raganrs`s Revenge really made its mark at the German Casemod
Championship winning a never been done before record of all
three possible gold for the electro mechanics, as most
spectacular case at the gamescom and best scratch build in
2015, so I am really proud of this case.

I am filling the worklog with pics and many videos can bee seen too in youtube.

Here are just two example videos.


more to come..


Ali Abbas






Scratch Build