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Its our first year competing. We started of with a reptalian feel but ended up with something better. We used any scrap material we could get our hands on. Everything has been done by hand.No high tec machinery was used. Only 4 bruised hands and a grinder. We used corrugated iron sheets as the base of the case. With a iron rod for a centre support. We placed the power supply below ,in the front of the case out of sight with enough airflow. We then added a power cord toe extend the power port to the back where it is mounted in the bottom frame to give a different sence of style. The HDD is mounted in the bottom lower part of the case with the Sata cables going in behind all the casing. We used LED strips to give us that lurking viper feel. And lastly we added the switches to turn of the lights when needed with a touch power switch,to turn on the pc.


Intel core i3-3240 3.4ghz cpu
8gb (2x4gb) ram
Asus H61M-K motherboard
Intel CPU cooler
320gb internally used external Hdd
Asus amd R9 270x 2gb Video Card
450w power supply
2x red Led Sickleflo 120mm Cooler Master Fans

*Case Mod World Series 2017 Entry




South Africa




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