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My very first PC MOD, around 2003, was inspired by the original TRON movie, I loved the movie as a kid

and with the help of some other movies like Blade runner and the Terminator, I was hocked on futuristic tech and sci-fi.
The MasterCase 5 is fantastic. Anyone that’s seen my project: Alternate desk build, will know I love the sharp looking designs and it fits perfect with the Tron theme.
I couldn’t decide if to paint it all black or white, So I went with both, polished black mirror black finish on the outside and gloss white inside the case.
On the left of the case I did some airbrushing but also make a plane version of the panel.
On the inside I made lots of covers to hide the wires as this is a tron mod and wires would definitely look out of place.
making the PCI-E cover coming from the GPU was my favorite part of the wire hiding mission.
The lighting is a nice blue and I’ve also got some white blue, white and UV dyes to play with for the cooling.
I also decided to Tronify my Keyboard and Headset.
(Video link if available) WONT WORK, SO HERE IT IS (PLEASE DELETE THIS TEXT. :
Case: Cooler Master, MasterCase Maker5
Sound: Creative Sound Blaster ZXR
Storage: Crucial, MX300 750GB SSD
RAM: Crucial, 32GB kit, DDR4-3000
PSU: Cooler Master, MasterWatt Maker 1200
GPU: Nvidia gtx1080 Founders edition
Motherboard: Gigabyte x99 ultra gaming
RAD’s: EK, Coolstream SE 240 and Coolstream PE 360.
Pump: EK, XTOP Revo D5 PWM
GPU Block: EK-FC1080 GTX
CPU Block: EK, Supremacy EVO
RES: EK-RES X3 250
EK Hard Tube, compression Fittings and dyes.
LIGHTING – EL Panel and Tape:
Extensions & Splitters
EL tape’s
EL wire

*Case Mod World Series 2017 Entry[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


Robert Deluce






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  • DJHeroMasta

    Oh yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. Now I have the sudden urge to watch the movie this very second.

  • Jesse Martin Soller

    that is beautiful dude πŸ™‚

  • Michael van Graafeiland

    This is sweet! Thanks for your work πŸ™‚

  • mattheo mondragon

    so cool !!! πŸ™‚

  • Jerric Noah Flores

    Nice awesome minimalistic design with TRON πŸ™‚