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TriHexa 666 – Apocalypse Dragon

Assemble art using Vehicle parts and scrap Metal.

TriHexa- Greek word Three Sixes A creature Named
Literally for its Satanic origin, bred within the
darkest pits of the abyss for the sole purpose of
eradicating the mortal realm. yet under unrelenting
strength of the fearless mortal warriors it had failed
at its first try leaving the apocalypse bringer with no
choice but to retreat to its confined lair where it now
lay dormant, a shade of its once unearthly glory yet as
fierce as it has ever been, biding its time to strike
vengeance upon the human race its unrequited wrath upon
the living souls, fangs bared.

Theme – Weathered metal into the red led glow to
get the lava and underworld look.

The Blue processor cooling block of the seidon
120v provides the colors of a core crystal or a
magical power core of the creature

The concept is to Design something completely out
of the ordinary using material or means that has
never been used in the computer case mod scene and
to introduce something unique to the field keeping
in mind to keep the cost as low as possible so that
anyone can build something cool that can match or
even exceed the looks of a regular pricey build with
lack that keeps them form ever trying.

So i thought why not do an assemble art, something
the PC case mod scene has seen less of, and to do
that using old used vehicle parts and scrap metal.

throughout this build, the aspects of assemble art ,
sculpting, fiberglass and some techniques of painting
is used accordingly to complete the design intended.


Kanishka Akalanka


Sri Lanka




Scratch Build