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The Red Hat

I will modify it slightly to the casing with acrylic. The front of the casing for the airflow, then to part sidepanel left and right sides we replace it with a sheet of acrylic with style wings to open it like a car supercar with hydrolics. Some of the panels and pillars will be our pieces for easy cable management, so that the cable wires will easily be set up behind the motherboard. Some also would we attach assesories such as fans, led, etc. To display outside we will make by playing painting, cutting sticker, and knickknacks as a complement.

PARTS LIST – Specifications My Pc Rig:
CPU : Amd Phenom x6 1055T
Motherboard : Asus Rog Maximus IV Formula
VGA : Palit Geforce GTX 275 series
RAM : Corsair Vengeance Pro Series 16GB
SSD : Pioneer SSD 120 Gb
Case : CoolerMaster CM Stacker Black
PSU : Corsair Hx1000 Watt.
Cooling : Cooler Master X6
Fan : Enermax Tb Appolish 12cm 1pcs, Da Orkaan 12cm 4pcs, Cooler master 12cm 1pcs, Thermaltake 8cm 1pcs, Corsair Ram cooler 1pcs
Cable sleeving : Mod custom
Hidrolic : Pneumatic 100N

*Case Mod World Series 2017 Entry[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]








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  • Bilal Rasidan

    Good luck my brother… wish you all the best..

  • Raka Kamandhanu

    Thankyouu bilall.. my little brother 😁

  • Tommy Mawon

    Looks like a masterpiece.,good job bro..

    • Raka Kamandhanu

      Thankz bro….

  • Umar Hamdhany

    Good job,

    • Raka Kamandhanu

      maturthankyou mas…

  • Shaun Bradley

    I’m a sucker for red and white builds, two of my favorite color combos! Got my vote nice clean build, love it…

    • Raka Kamandhanu

      Thankz friend for your comment… hhe.. i like combos too.. 2 or 3 color what i mean.. as you like too..

  • fajar purnomo putro

    nice job,God Bless

    • Raka Kamandhanu

      oke thankyouu om anjar.. πŸ˜€ makasih ya

  • Kang Moh

    Seng penting yakin

    • Raka Kamandhanu

      insyaallah om.. matursuwuunn.. hhe

  • Rifai Azis

    Good Job πŸ‘

    • Raka Kamandhanu

      makasih yaa mas,, πŸ™‚

  • tonny sulistiyawan

    Joss gandoss mas bro…

    • Raka Kamandhanu

      Suwun om tony,, thank ya… hehe

  • Maskur Alfaqih


    • Raka Kamandhanu

      doanya juga ya mas faqih.. bantu share mas.. πŸ˜€

  • Diajeng Ratih Ida Tristanti

    Excellent masterpice….

    • Raka Kamandhanu

      thank’z ratiih.. hhehe

  • alif hermaulana

    lanjudkan brooo. mantap….

    • Raka Kamandhanu

      suwunn mas Alipp..

  • Kang Socha


    • Raka Kamandhanu

      hhee… suwun skabehanee om sochaa

  • Herwanto

    Semoga masuk 3 besar broo…sukses selalu

    • Raka Kamandhanu

      thankyou mas gepeng.. trims ya

  • Rama Danu

    Nice . Apik. Sukses lah brad

    • Raka Kamandhanu

      Thanks mas Dhanu… nice pokokmenn yaa ghhee

  • De Nuj

    done.. moga sukses mas. btw aseli apik modding nya

    • Raka Kamandhanu

      thankyouu master.. hhee.. wah ngalemm ki.. wkwk..

  • Anjar Nur Wiyanto

    elegant… simple haha

    • Raka Kamandhanu

      suwun mas anjar.. haha.. thanks ide support dan bantuannyaa hhee

  • Rahmadekdhani Parusa

    Suksess mas rakaπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ menang makan”πŸ˜…

    • Raka Kamandhanu

      wkwk.. amin mas dhani… rewangi ndongo sek temenann mas.. haha

  • Zyan Veyz

    NICE !!!!

    • Raka Kamandhanu

      thankyouu agannn.. πŸ™‚

  • Biyon Uplu


    • Raka Kamandhanu

      suwunnnn mas biyonoo azimut.. tak doain laris laptopnya.. amin..

  • Mas Eko Prihandoko

    sitimewa dan futuristik bro. Mantab….

    • Raka Kamandhanu

      hhe.. thanks om eko…. pandongane ya omm….

  • Unggul wahyu nugroho

    Sukses mas raka!

    • Raka Kamandhanu

      suksesss bersama pokokee mas unggul.. maturunuwun yaaa

  • Rachma Dea Wulandari

    Looks like interesting… i love the glass with mechanism.. good luck raka!!

    • Raka Kamandhanu

      thankz dea… πŸ˜€

  • Aji Seagate

    Nice Work bro. neat and clean.

    • Raka Kamandhanu

      sureee….. thankyouu..

  • Master Data

    Semoga sukses.

    • Raka Kamandhanu

      amin.. doanya ya bang

  • Hendra Favian

    Good job, masterpiece mantap jaya mas bro….

    • Raka Kamandhanu

      makasih mas hendra bin uko.. thankyou ya..

  • Leomar

    Good idea for use hydraulic system, best masterpiece i think.

    • Raka Kamandhanu

      Thank youu Leomar… its too special for me.. hhhh

  • Igor Below


    • Raka Kamandhanu

      Thankyouuu Friends.. hope i can see your next project.. nice worklog,, you are a best friend!!

  • laeli rohmah

    Casing nya bagus ya hehehehehe

    • Raka Kamandhanu

      Thank’s mom.. maturnuwun ibuk sudah ikut ngevote dan komen sekalian nggih.. pandongane ibuk mawon.. mugi2 saged berhasil.. amin..

  • Choivanka


    • Raka Kamandhanu

      πŸ˜€ thankyouu bang ivan.. masih newbie lah.. gek ajar mas..

  • Raka Kamandhanu

    Hy Friend.. Dont miss it!!

    Thankyou for Attention,, for support and for Vote Me..

    Really Thankyou…

    The Red Hat
    Rakazone21 Indonesia

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  • Raka Kamandhanu

    is amazaing . . . . good job !!

  • Aby Seven

    is amazing,,good job Ka!!

  • adjago

    mudah2an ada rejekinya yo mas

  • Dwi Setiawan

    Keluarga besar Tadashi mendukung mas….πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š

  • Ayu Trisna

    Good Idea..Like a Lamborghini.

    Whatever the important results you have tried as much as possible. Do not be seen from winning or losing which is important is the process.
    Good Luck Bray..

  • Ichsan

    Keep fight bro!