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The Battleship

First of all , very thanks to all support company and members.

The Battleship was inspired by movie in 2012 called “Battleship”. I do like the movie and watch it over and over . There have many type of modern and alien design look like. more of it make me wanna build a very first build “The Battleship”

“Striker” is so what it called, a alien ship was give me a hint to explore more about it. I did my very first sketch and come out few idea to develop it. It’s very fun.

Main things about The Battleship is adapted by Striker ship in Battleship movie , the way it look , the way he banish people around , is very dangerous . So mad, angry, firm look was adapted in my design.

Through many things I have done , I hope my scratch build will give some impact and feel trough viewer.
Thanks again for those who involved, and very much thanks to CoolerMaster for opening this event, without it, maybe I not moving my butt to start mod.

PARTS LIST – Motherboard : Gigabyte Aorus Z270X GAMING K5
Processor : Intel i7 7700k
Ram : Avexir Blitz DDR4 32GB Quad Channel
Graphic Card : (board )
PowerSupply : Coolermaster V650 Full Modular
Thermal Paste : Mastergel Maker
Cooling : Thermaltake RL240 Pasific WC kit
Storage : Adata SSD SX950

*Case Mod World Series 2017 Entry


Ahmad Syafiq Hamman






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  • H.Singh / HighScore

    Super cool, red battleship

  • Tefen McGuinty

    Great job with the structure and balancing it on that stand so well. The wings are very good as well.
    Ahmad Syafiq Hamman, I couldn’t find you on Facebook so if you read this feel free to add me(fellow Modder).

  • Raka Kamandhanu

    I like this one,,, (y)