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String Theory

I want to present to your attention the project “StringTheory”. On its creation I was inspired by the film “Interstellar”. I set myself the task as much as possible to develop a theme of the cosmos, infinity, depth prostanstva and the so-called string theory. The main role in the project took the case CoolerMaster COSMOS II (RC-1200-KKN1) and power supply CoolerMaster V1200 Platinum. The case was completely repainted by its facial and the upper panel is redone. The main color of the project is a glossy black with sparkles, maximally similar to the night sky. Inside the case is divided into two compartments. Showing how much space is inside. In the back of the compartments there is a power supply unit, cables from it are stretched in Teflon braid, with a total length of 94 meters. Cables are transferred to another compartment through special holders and feed the basics of the system components. Many more changes have been made, most of them are displayed in the Worklog. The concept of space and string theory is preserved. I hope you will enjoy=)

*Case Mod World Series 2017 Entry


Sergey Mnev






CMWS, Mod Gallery, Tower, Tower Mod

  • Fallon Cohen

    Sergey, I love all things cosmos2 related and interstellar related… So this is pretty amazing. As a fellow cosmos2 owner, would you mind sharing where you got your acrylic doors? Thank you and amazing work!