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re.born is a Scratch Build that I have going
around in my mind like for 5 years… It was
the perfect time to build this project. The
name come from my absence as a modder. Now
is the time to come back and bring back my
“A” Game… If you have any question feel
free to ask I will keep an eye or 2 in the
work log when I get home from work…

The Idea and concept… make a round case
that can showcase the hardware inside from
different views not the regular mono view we
are used to see in every case since the
beginning of time… I was able to achieve
the view from different angles… but you
will have to see the worklog first to
understand what I am talking about…

I will try to keep it simple… and go with
my instincts on this one… I don’t know what
modders are doing these days or if they stop
making cubes but I will go a different path…
and do what I luv… MOD!




Dominican Republican




Scratch Build