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Pure Binomial Project

Green and black color theme. It’s called “Pure Binomial” because I wanted to create a dualism between clear and non-clear parts, in fact you can see the internals of the mod from almost all the angles. In the making of the mod, I realised that I could expand the meaning of this name to the color modes, since I was going to use RGB and UV LEDs, so I ended up with two main modes: Light Mode, with RGB set to white/green, and Dark Mode, with only UV LEDs on. This way, when you turn off the lights, the mod completely changes aspect, becoming more aggressive looking. Based on this feature, I re-designed the Yin-Yang symbol to match the looks of the mod, to add another new meaning to the mod, that is the one that’s written on the side panel: “accept the dark, live in the light”, which is a way to interpret the Yin-Yang. Spirituality plays a big role in this mod.

All moving panels (two with hinges on both sides and one with sliding guide on the back side), all custom acrylic covers painted with stencils, even the pump stand. The MOBO/GPU covers are the cherry on the top to make it all blend together. In general, I tried to follow the “binomial” concept everywhere, you can find it in the main tubing too, with left tubing straight and right tubing bent, or the elegant clear front and back panels with aggressive paintjob designs.

Parts List:

CPU: Intel Pentium G3258
MB: MSI Krait Edition Z97
GPU: Gigabyte GTX 960 4Gb
RAM: HyperX Fury 1866Mhz 2x4Gb DDR3
PSU: Seasonic Prime Titanium 650W
Storage: 2x Apacer AS340 Panther 240Gb SSD
Case: Coolermaster Mastercase Maker 5T

CPU block: Phobya UC-2 LT
GPU block: Alphacool NexXxoS GPX
Pump: Alphacool VPP755 with clear top
Reservoirs: 3x Alphacool Eisbecher 150mm
Fittings: Alphacool Eiszapfen and CoolForce pass-through fittings
Tubing: Alphacool Eisrohr clear and satin 16/13mm
Radiator: Alphacool NexXoS ST30 X-Flow
Fans: 3x Phobya NB-ELoop 120mm
Fan Controller: Phobya Touch 530

LIGHTING: Phobya FlexLight UV and RGB, Alphacool Aurora RGB Strips

*Case Mod World Series 2017 Entry


Alessandro Zaiti






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