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Proxima C

Proxima C was designed to be a case that didn’t look like it was from this world! I imagine myself walking across an alien planet and if I came upon a computer case this is what I saw I imagined in my mind I would see.

The case design has elements of open free flowing aspect while providing a contained perspective for the viewer. Your experience and feel of the case will change depending on what angle you’re viewing it from. Proxima C can be aggressive and passive. Aggressive with it’s sharp points, while its curves in the lower structure draw your eye up to a more complex structure and giving way to a chamber that is simple in design. It is wrap with structural components from top to bottom to give that feel like the components in it are contained. Built in 3 separate sections each with there own inherent design while merging together un-bonded to form one piece and design. Simple and Complex at the same time, is what comes into my mind from time to time.

Wiring, Tubing, Air Flow, Hardware insertion, are all made easier with its open design. Proxima C takes more of a Art Piece than Industrial Design piece in my opinion.

Parts List:

Cast Cell Red/Black 5mm Acrylic Sheet,
Asus ROG Crosshair Hero VI,
Nvidia 480GTX with Danger Den waterblock,
Coolermaster 750M Power supply,
Thermal Take 120mm Ring LED fans,
AlphaCool NexXxos ST30 Radiator,
AlphaCool Laing DDC310 Pump,
BitsPower Water Tank-Z POM 100,
Monsoon Hardline Compression Fittings,
Basic Nylon Sleeving,
Basic Acrylic 10/12mm tubing.

*Case Mod World Series 2017 Entry


David Biro






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