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Project – R&G

I was an inexperienced modder interested in composing computers. I’m used to forming the product from scratch, but when I met with Cooler Master Mastercase 5. It made me see that Cooler Master understands the modder and who these artists actually are. It was designed as a case to be modified down to the placement of devices. It is so easy and so interesting to work with. I was very serious in my approach to Project R & G. Out in the form of interest. In terms of the distinctive interplay of colors on the case, I chose the color red for its fierceness & the color gold because it’s outstanding.

Choosing the right equipment for the mod and also in how I went about the process was very challenging. I worked very hard on this project and I hope it impresses others. I really like this case and I’m glad I got to use it. It is my dream that this mod is put on display at a Cooler Master event.


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