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Dark Snow 2

This is the first time i’m entering this competition with my project named “Dark Snow 2”. The build is meant to portray a good balance of darkness and light. Hence the black and white color scheme. It teeters on the line between aesthetically sound and visually stunning while retaining some level of modesty. An important goal for this mod is keeping the modular features of the chassis intact while noticeably altering its visual character. Will write details soon. Wish me luck.

PARTS LIST – I7 4790k, Asus Ranger vii, Gskill Trident X 16Gb RAM, Samsung SSD, Cooler Master G750 PSU, Cooler Master Master Liquid Pro 240, Sapphire R9 290x, Cooler Master Sickle flow casing fan

*Case Mod World Series 2017 Entry








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