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Overwatch Sombra

I chose MasterBox5 because it is a small and extremely functional box for my casemod. I did not make many changes to the structure, I did a lot of manual painting and hand cuts on the outside, inside, again painting and organization, the hardware does not impress, they are very basic, my watercooler system is not complex system, In my country is very expensive. My project was something that did not require much investment, done lovingly resulting in a great tribute to the game that I became a fan.

Parts List:

Intel I5 6400
Gigabyte Z170-D3H
16gb Kingston Hyper X
SSD 120 Kingston, 2tb Seagate, 3Tb Seagate
MSI Radeon RX480
MasterBox 5
Coolermaster G750-M Semi-modular series
Coolermaster Nepton 280
Corsair and Coolermaster JetFlo fans
MDPC-X Sleeves
Coolermaster Devastator 2 Kit
CM Storm Resonar

*Case Mod World Series 2017 Entry


Maurycio Gyovanni






CMWS, Mod Gallery, Tower, Tower Mod

  • Darwin Augusto


  • MayoChiki Silva

    Congratulations on the beautiful work you did, this is a very beautiful masterpiece: D
    So continue with your wonderful work: D

  • Rodrigo Maroto


  • Tiago Cardoso


  • Eduardo Silva

    Mto bonito, parabéns.

  • Fabrizzio Poltroniere

    Jovem… Parabéns, ficou maravilhoso…

  • Depois de um pedido da própria sombra tive que vir aqui né, mas ta muito show mesmo parabéns

  • MarceloAugusto

    Votado. Ficou bem legal. Usou bem as cores e o conceito da Sombra. Boa sorte!