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Overwatch Reaper

The case was based on a famous character from the Overwatch game. The shape and color of the box greatly favored the design of the project. Made of vinyl leather and details of his clothing, with the bullet cartridges on his chest and hung at the waist, the project was completed in only 1 month of work.

Spec List:
Case Cooler Master Pro3
PSU V1200 Platinum
CPU Skylake 6700K
Mobo Gigabyte Z170MX-GAMING 5
VGA Gigabyte GTX 1080
RAM HyperX DDR4 4 x 4G Fury]
SSD HyperX Savage 240G
PCI-E Riser Cable 300MM Li-Heat
Water Cooler
Alphacool CPU Block
Alphacool Radiator 360
Alphacool D5 Pump
Alphacool Reseivoir 150
Alphacool Fittings


Ronnie Hara






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