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Liquid Skeleton

The central idea of this scratch build revolves around In-Win’s D-Frame cabinet, an experimental release with nothing more than a bare metal frame comprising the chassis. With hardline tubing and a Gpu, PSU and motherboard, minimal lines would be abundant here, further influenced by the fact that here the tubing would also work as the cabinet frame.

Using Copper tubes with Chrome finish and PetG tubes with lots of compression fittings, 5way and 3 way fittings, extenders, to make the structure that will hold all the parts and the liquid will be running through it. Thus fulfilling the name Liquid Skeleton.


Cpu- intel i5 3450
Motherboard- Asus Maximus iv Extreme
Memory- Corsair Dominator Platinum
Storage- Intel SSD 260GB
Power supply- Cooler master V1000
Fans- Gentle Typhoon
Cooling- Cusom LC setup- XSPC block, Barrow compression fittings golden, red, white, and XSPC adapters

*Case Mod World Series 2017 Entry


Sanjib Roy






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