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KAM – the wall mounted PC

The purpose of the KAM project is to design living space
thematically. The Computer will be set on the uniqely constucted wall.
Theme of the Kam project is ancient, but at the same time
sc-fi, which is the reason why this design has specific and unique look

I wasn’t (financially) supported by any firm so all material
was bought on my own expense. Considering I am still a student
I hope this could also bring me some professional commentary
on my work and help me get the free artist title.

PC components

Mother Board : Gigabyte Z97X Gaming3 s1
CPU : Intel Core i5-4690K
CPU Cooler : CoolerMaster Hyper 212 EVO
RAM : 2 x Kingston ValueRAM 8GB 1600MhZ
Graphic Card : Gigabyte GTX 960 GDDR5 4GB
SSD : SanDisk X400 256GB
HDD : 3 x 250 GB (FOR NOW)
Power Suply : Seasonic SS-620GM2 EVO
Fan coolers : 3 X CoolerMaster Sickle Flow 120 mm 2000 RPM (2 Red, 1 Blue)
Fan Controler : Aerocool F4XT 4x 5,25? LED

Monitors : 1 x Dell Professionl P2314H 23?
2 x Samsung 2032 BW 20?
Mouse : Speed Link GAMING Prime
Keyboard : Speedlink Bedrock


Marin Filipcic






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