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Gears of War 4

The case is a cross between the master case 5 and the Master case 5t. Stripped down and rebuilt, the mobo tray has been flipped from left to the right side and rotated 90 degree with the IO port now being at the top of the case. GPU cover tray has been flipped upside down to lower the mobo tray 10mm, old IO port now houses 2x CM140mm fans mounted on the 240 top case fan mounts the front dust cover has been refitted to the back of the case and works the same way as it did on the front. Cooling is all Bits Power, with 1x 360 rad in the front with 6 CM 120mm fans in push pull config. 2x CM 140mm fans in the rear pulling air in from the back to the front of the case where the front fans pull air out. 1x bits Power pump-top running 2 D5 pumps running two loops from the one pump-top. Full CPU cover water block, 2x ram water blocks, 1x gpu water block. 16mm tubing for loop. 2x hexagon res, 1x 150mm res.

Spec List:
Cases: Master case Maker 5 and 5T
Motherboard: Rampage V Extreme
CPU: Intel i7 5960x
GPU: ASUS Strix GTX 1070,
Ram: 8x4gb total of 32gb Kingston DDR4 2700mhz,
SSD: 1x M.2 Samsung 950Pro 250gb, 2x 120gb HyperX SSD’s
PSU: CM V850
Water cooling: All Bitspower 🙂 1x 360 rad,
Custom Cable Mods Cables
6x CM 120 fans, 2x 140 CM fans

*Case Mod World Series 2017 entry.








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  • Darko Mitic

    Opening on the back is for m.2 ssd?

  • Generalraam1007

    Can I get one

  • bill