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Elemental Infusion

Lore :

A relic lost in time chieseld out from the most potent tree of the Nightsilver Woods to celebrate the most fearsom genarals of the ancients, the there spirit brothers, The living embodiments of three major forces of nature, Storm, Earth and Fire it is said that this ancient masterpiece releases a very powerful magic that resides in its core clensing out the darkness with its colorful yet destructive powers when it reveals its hidden secrets.

Concept :

The concept of the mod is to infuse older methods of art into new technology. a blend of grace and power. so to do this i thought of using a big mahogany log as a rough canvass to carve out 3 of my most favorite characters from the Dota 2 universe and to build a mechanical system around it.

The log is carved into 3 pieces with it’s innards removed to accomadrate the liquid cooled pc in the center.

This two piece frame method is a new concept i came up with which lets the user to either use the central piece which is the actual system with all its components and a custom liquid loop built into a cylindrical barebone shell i designed with the parts of a master case as a standalone unit which you can keep on a desktop, or use the whole setup on all of its glory with the cool outer frame with statues which acts as a buffer aswell as a case to shield the hardware and all its innternals from any missfortune and still have a way to showff the beefy tech inside. with this new method if its built into an even a smaller compact form of a standerd desktop tower, it lets the users easily clean or upgrade the machine without a hassle or just repaint and do all sorts of crazy things.

The full case has 3 modes that we can use to controll the unit to open and close it. Automatic , manual wireless and full manual override mode. The outer case which holds the statues and the carvings is controlled by an arduino with sensors which runs a small script that detects the temprature of the case and if it detects any temprature anomalies it will open up the bay doors(which are the swords) and lift up the case to let some cool air in and automatically close when the temprature is back to normal. the mod also has a remote controller which can manually open up the case from a distance whenever you feel like your case needs some fresh air or just want to show off or admire your build and it also has a manual override switch in case your audrino suffered a catastrophy and you ran out of battery on the remote controller because you kept opening and closing it just because its frigging amazing so i added that feature as a fool proof to save myself from the hassle of just loosing the remote somewhere which i already did! (shoutout to the chinese seller on ebay who sent me a backup remote!)

the lifting mechanism is made with a lineer actuator on a crosslift setup to hold the weight of the rig inside and a simple push pull arm mechanism is used to push the bay doors outwards like a flower.

Every pattern and detail is hand carved with traditional wood carving tools with countless hours of concentration and elbow grease. the script and the lifting mechanism and the door opening system is originally made and fine tuned to make it work as neatly as possible with the resources i had at my disposal.

Parts List:

Processor : Intel Core i7 7700k
Motherboard : Asus Maximus IX CODE
Ram : AVEXIR 16GB DDR4-28004GB x4
Gpu : Asus Strix Gtx 1070
Powersupply : Cooler master V850
Cooler : DIY custom liquid Loop (Thermaltake Rgb fittings and RGB processor block) 360mm rad,
Hdd : 1tb
SSD : Avexir 240gb s100 series.

*Case Mod World Series 2017 Entry




Sri Lanka




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  • Ishara Manoj Subasinghe

    good work

    • the lifting mechanism is made with a lineer actuator on a crosslift setup to hold the weight of the rig inside and a simple push pull arm mechanism is used to push the bay doors outwards like a flower.

  • Ilia Pan

    Amazing! Very impressive

  • Eranga Liyanaarachchi

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  • Mahesh Weeraman

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