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Dragons Den

My name: Arnel Babi?
Region: Croatia, Zadar
Dear Cooler Master, I bought a H.A.F 912 before few months and I began
to realise that I can improve the case and make it more flexible in terms
of future upgrades. I began this project as soon as I bought the case and
I am trying to expose the mods and the whole project to the Croatian PC
community. I am kindly requesting a help in building the PC and making
this project alive. I am trying to show people my taste in presenting it
trough the PC case mods.

I included some pictures of my mods that I started doing but I cannot
finish because I lack materials and parts to do it. I am presenting it
at, Croatian PC community so they can see what I can do in terms
of modding and representing Your product in the best way I can.

This is the “Mod list”, list of mods that I will be doing to expand
capabilities of this amazing H.A.F 912.

1. Putting plexiglass on the side panel
2. Removing all drive bays – DONE
3. Putting the MegaFlow fan in the 5,25″ bay – DONE
4. Doing a plexiglass PSU cover
5. Painting the Hyper 412S – DONE
6. Putting the vinyl around the plastic shrouds located at front panel
7. Sleeving the cables
8. LED Strip inside the case – DONE
9. Making a HDD/SSD holder shroud
10. Painting the HDD/SSD shroud
11. Expanding the cooling capabilities
12. Using cable extender which are sleeved in red color thanks to

The project is called “Dragons Den”. Why? Because the case stores
all black and red parts produced by MSI.

At least asking the Cooler Master community to help me in any
way they can to make this project happen, I would be happy and
extremely thankful for that.

Thank You Cooler Master for reading this and thank You for amazing products.


Arnel Babić






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