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Project: MakeMeCooler Doraemon

Spec List:

Processor: Intel Core i5-7600K (Kaby Lake)
… with CPU Waterblock: 1 x Bitspower CPU Block Summit EF for Intel – (ICE BLUE – Acrylic Top Version)
Motherboard:Gigabyte GA-Z270X Ultra Gaming
Graphics Card: Zotac GeForce GTX 1070 AMP Extreme Edition (8GB GDDR5)
… cooled by Bitspower full-cover GPU waterblock with RGB
Memory 1: GSKill Trident-Z DDR4-3200 16GB Kit
Memory 2: GEIL Super Luce DDR4-3000 16Gb Kit
Storage: Patriot Ignite – 240GB SSD
Chassis: Modded Cooler Master Master Maker 5
Power Supply: Coolermaster V850w
Fans: 6 x Thermaltake Riing RGB fans

Watercooling: ALL Bitspower watercooling components with Hard Tubing
Stop fittings: 4 x Bitspower G1/4″ Royal Blue Stop Fitting
Compression fittings: 8 x Bitspower G1/4″ Royal Blue Enhance Multi-Link for OD 16MM
Compression Extenders: 4 x Bitspower G1/4″ Royal Blue Rotary 90-Degree IG1/4″ Extender
120mm Radiator: 1 x Bitspower Leviathan Slim 120 Radiator
240mm Radiator: 1 x Bitspower Leviathan Slim 240 4xG1/4″ Radiator
Flow indicators: 1 x Bitspower Flow Indicator (Royal Blue)
Mini Valve: 1 x Bitspower Royal Blue Mini Valve With Black Handle
Reservoir: 2 x Bitspower Water Tank Z-Multi 100 V2 (Clear Body & POM Version)
Pumps: 1 x Bitspower DDC Plus Pump
Pump Mods: 1 x Bitspower Premium Magic-Cube Type DDC MOD TOP G1/4″ (Acrylic Version)




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