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Dark Dragon Blade

The Dark DragonBlade project was inspired from the game character Genji from the Overwatch game. After playing the game for a few weeks after the release, I just fell in love with genji’s armor. Which inspired me to do a theme out of his armor. This project is sponsored by EVGA as part of their Gear Up with EVGA program. I have learned A LOT about intricate cuts with acrylic using simple tools. My patience got tested on this project too. But in the end, I had a lot of fun and gain a bit more experience and knowledge when it comes to working with acrylics. Genji’s color scheme is mainly white, green and gray, but i went with the black and green theme on this project since, well, I am a sucker when it comes to Black and Green color combination.

EVGA X99 Classified
EVGA GTX 980Ti Classified
EVGA Superclocked DDR4 32GB Ram
EVGA SuperNova 1000G Power Supply
CoolerMaster MasterCase Pro 5
Intel Core i7 5820k
Thermaltake Liquid Cooling Kit


Jonathan Garlit






Tower Mod