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Cubic Inches

I started building Cubic Inches to
fill in a space – below my television,
and between my front speakers was a large
space occupied by a small PC. With the black
speaker cloth on the front of it, it basically
looks like a subwoofer. Well, apart from the exhaust
fan mounted on top (coolermaster jetflow 120),
which is disguised to look like a carburetor that
you would find on an old V8 engine. The left side
panel takes it’s inspiration from the fluted front
guards of Holden’s 1970 HG GTS Monaro. The flutes
act as an air intake, which serves the power
supply quite nicely. Mounted both front and rear,
Coolermaster MegaFlow 200 takes care of the majority
of cooling on this rig.


Andrew McIntosh






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