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Clean Slate

Clean Slate is an alternative take on the standard monolithic PC case design. It attempts to minimize the total case volume by encasing individual PC components with the smallest possible protective covering. Each wooden cover is ventilated with stainless steel architectural mesh and painted with a slate gray latex paint. The covers are friction fit to a birds-eye maple plinth that encloses the motherboard, storage drive and wiring. The maple is finished with 8 coats of gloss lacquer. The feet are audio component styled because the project’s overall look was heavily influenced by vintage tube amps and turntables.


Skylake i3-6320 CPU
H110 Micro-ATX motherboard
Nvidia GTX 960 4GB video card
8GB DDR4 system memory
350W SFX power supply
Cooler Master Blade Master 92 fan

*Case Mod World Series 2017 Entry


Jeffrey Stephenson






CMWS, Mod Gallery, Scratch, Scratch Build

  • The Snarf

    Great Mod Jeffrey,

    Simple and Clean, just the way it shot by right now.

    Greetings from Holland,

    The Snarf
    Casemodder for over 18 years…

    • Thanks! 18 years! I seem to remember the name. -Jeffrey aka slipperyskip

  • I would expect that to come from a high-end retailer. Steiger Dynamics, maybe. But better. BLOWN AWAY.

  • newt cha

    Beautiful case. As an architecture student myself id love to have this sit on my desk.
    Good luck!

    • Thanks newt cha! I use architectural modeling materials and techniques to build my creations.

  • boddaker1

    Excellent work as always Jeffrey. This definitely is one of my top favorite builds of yours. So clean, so.. slatey.. so aptly named! 😛