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This mod is based on the theme of the character series (CHAVES). Television Series of Latin America. Here in my country Brazil, was a good show that marked a lot of people’s lives and still does today.

About the Show:
Chaves, or El Chavo del Ocho, is a situation comedy that addresses the interactions of a group of people living in a poor village. The protagonist, Chaves, is an eight-year-old orphan boy who often faces problems with adults, including Seu Madruga, Dona Florinda and Dona Clotilde due to misunderstandings, distractions or mischief. He also lives with his friends Quico and Chiquinha, who are of the same age. The plot, practically, unfolds in this village, being Seu Barriga, the owner of the same and the residents Seu Madruga, Dona Neves and Chiquinha, who live in house 72, Dona Clotilde, nicknamed Witch of the 71 by its appearance and the number of Her residence, and in the 14th house live Dona Florinda and her son Quico, with Professor Girafales as frequent visitor to the village.

Casemod Scratch, I’ll start from scratch.
It will be a new experience as it will be my 1st Casemod Scratch assembled without a cabinet structure.


Coolermaster watercooler nepton 240m
I7 4790
Gigabyte Z97x-GAMING 3
16 gb ddr3 Memories klevv FIT 16gb.
SSD XPG SX 930 120gb
PSU fonte akasa 850w
Fans NB -eloop brancas. 2000rpm
hd 2 tera sata seagate

*Case Mod World Series 2017 Entry


Douglas Vieira Alves






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  • Roger Souza

    This case is awesome