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Celtic Forge

The main theme surrounding the build was originally going to be variations of Celtic patterns but I ended up following more of a sacred geometry theme. I used polygons and circles to create interesting patterns that draw you in when you look at them. I decided on this theme during discussion leading up to the arrival of the case so I had it in mind beforehand.

On this case I created 3 Maker made accessories.
1. Custom Radiator Grill
Now I knew I wasn’t going to use a lot of fans to create push pull airflow on the radiator, I wanted to showcase what my laser cutter was capable of by making a custom radiator grill. It’s made by double layered red and black acrylic to create a nice contrast in color, and match the geometric patterning throughout the theme.
2. Magnetic Power Supply Shroud Panels
I made a magnetic mounting power supply shroud to close in the lower half of the case to hide any wire slack. I made it magnetic so it can function well with the tempered glass window brackets.
3. Magnetic Door Skin for Tempered Glass Windows
This I designed to make something creative for already awesome tempered glass windows. I surely did not want to remove the glass and replace it with clear acrylic, so I figured I would make something to overlay on the window. I had to figure out how to mount it and I decided on magnets like the power supply shroud. Its locks right in place using the keyhole for alignment. The weight of the panel rests on the bottom bracket for the tempered glass and magnets help hold it tight against the case.

Spec List
Case Cooler Master Master Case Maker 5t
Power Supply Cooler Master V1000 Modular
Fans Cooler Master JetFlo 120
CPU Intel i5 6600k 3.5ghz
Motherboard MSI z170 Krait Gaming
Graphics 2x EVGA GTX 960 2GB
RAM Avexir Blitz DDR4 16gb
SSD Avexir S100 256GB

Water Cooling & Mod Supplies
Pump Primochill D5
Fittings Primochill RevolverSX – Kandy Red
Tubing Primochill ½” Petg
Coolant Primochill True White
CPU Block Swiftech Apogee XL2
Radiator Swiftech eXtreme Performance 360mm
Cables Custom Primochill MaxCord Paracord

This mod was featured in our featured artists post. Check it out here.


Jim Weist, Owner of Clockwerk Industries LLC





Tower Mod

  • Sire Trasher

    9 pictures..not one with the expensive unique TG panel…what is it….Too dark to show the case with the TG panel ? This case has way to few pictures with the TG panel mounted on the internet. Perhaps the glass is too dark ? Will there be a less darker TG panel available shortly ?

    • TheBlur

      Glass is dark, but with good lightning inside (i have Corsair Node Pro with 4 led strips and 6 HD140 fans) everything is visible perfectly.