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So a little intro. Im bits and I’m currently working as
a computer assembler for PBTech here in New Zealand. I
have built countless watercooling systems (hi-res photos
of some past builds here: but
this is the first time I have tried doing anything
resembling case-modding, so every step is a learning process for me!

This mod idea came about as I have always wanted a case
with a straight-through airflow design with radiator/fan
mounts on either side of the case(think of a tunnel with
a push/pull fan on each side), as I believe this design
would enable the absolute best in cooling performance and
watercooling potential.

This is achieved in this mod by combining parts from 2(!)
Cooler Master Mastercase Pro 5 cases. The exterior panels
from both cases are combined to make an almost mirror-symmetrical
design (which is where the projects name comes from) while
the interior is completely custom designed and made.

Special thanks to my one and only sponsor: PB Tech!

Short vid here:

List of some of the mods include:
– Straight-through push/pull airflow design with radiator/fan mounts on either side of the case
– 90° rotated M-atx motherboard mounting
– Custom perspex interior and PSU cover to enable a Lightbox-style interior
– Dual-loop watercooling with individual 360mm radiators and resorvoirs for each loop and hard-tubing
– 3D Printed motherboard accent parts for ASUS Maximus VIII Gene board.
– 3D Printed cable shrouds to hide all cables
– 3D Printed logos and Case Mod 2016 plaque


Jason Lau


New Zealand




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