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Expensive PC Case

You know the aluminum look that has characterized Apple’s laptops for nearly a decade? Yeah, we created that look.

We did it almost 20 years ago, at a time when everything was a sea of beige. The color blended clunky, plastic computer boxes into the tans, greys and dirt of cubicles and corporate culture of the late 1990s. When computers started to move into the home, people started to take offense to the presence of crusty yellow. Steve Jobs’ neon iMac series in 1998 was a memorable start – but it was still plastic.

Nobody considered a US$280 dollar, chiseled chunk of pure aluminum. Mostly, because it was US$280. But despite all of the hootin’ and hollerin’ when the ATC-100 came out, it quickly became the new dream of what a premium, personally owned computer should look like and gave birth to the high-end case industry. Maximum PC marked it in their list of ‘100 Greatest PC Innovations.’


25th Anniversary