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July 20, 2017

Written by: Winston Chim ( and Terrence Sellers

Where are mods built? All the amazing builds shown at events like COMPUTEX and Dreamhack surely couldn’t have been built on corner desks in tiny studio apartments could they? We wanted to see for ourselves what the work conditions for serious PC builders really look like. We asked some of the top modders from around the world to show us where they work.  It was interesting to see!

Jnthn Grlt (LD), Canada

Jonathan Garlit, from Winnipeg, Manitoba, is an avid gamer. This often comes out in his mod projects with themed builds featuring games like DOTA and Overwatch. He has a passion for the craft of case modding with hand tools.

Peter Brands, Netherlands

Peter Brands, known as L3p, has been modding for years. He’s best known as the man who invented the desk mod, but has done countless amazing projects since then.

KrypteK PC Casemodz, Philippines

Kryptek PC Mod was started in 2013 as way to help people get the rigs of their dreams. They specialize in PSU cable sleeving, side panel cutting, PSU covers/shrouds, acrylic cutting, and much more.

Clockwerk was created as way to bring modded PCs to a wider audience of users. They specialize in custom fabrication, painting, computer building, component modification, and water cooling.

Tantric is an award winning modder turned entrepreneur. Specializing in case modding and liquid cooling systems, they’ve provided PC users with stylish rigs since 2003.

Iren Modz, Malaysia

Irie Ahmad is the definition of a professional modder. He owns and runs his own mod shop, which distributes to customers all over Asia. He was one of the first modders to have his products sold in the Maker Made section of the CM Store.

Though he’s a plumber by trade, Dave has been modding PCs for many years. He mods competitively and has even placed in the Case Mod World Series.

Tankian, Portugal

Alberto Soares, aka Tankian, has been in the modding scene for a few years. He’s an active member of the steadily growing Portuguese modding community and has done multiple sponsored modding projects.

Tech Modified, Australia

Tech Modified, formerly Oz Modz, is one of the top modders in Australia. He’s had mods shown at events like COMPUTEX and placed in competitions like the Case Mod World Series.

Tim Warning, Netherlands

Tim Warning of Dutch Lion Customising has been building commissioned systems since 2012. He’s known for doing pop culture themed builds based on things like Star Wars and The Legend of Zelda.

Timpelay, Sweden

Tim Petterson, known as Timpelay, is a structural engineer with a passion for PC building. He has done mods that have been shown at events all over the world like Computex in Taipei and Dreamhack in Sweden.

Dewayne is the founder and CEO of Modders-Inc. In many ways he is directly responsible for the normalization of the term “case modding” in the American PC building community.

Most of the pros have large work areas and/or shops dedicated to modding, but just about all of them started in their home/apartment with barely enough room to spray paint. It’s not the work area that makes a great mod, but the person building it. Show us what your modding work space looks like. Leave a pic in the comments section or tweet us your pics @CoolerMaster with #MyModSpace.