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Poll: What Tools do you Need to Succeed?

December 28, 2016

Up Your Modding Arsenal

Building a PC doesn’t require too much in the way of tool. With a single normal/average sized Phillips head screwdriver, a small Phillips head screwdriver, and an optional grounding strip for good measure you can build just about any PC no matter what the specs are. But modding a PC can require a much longer and more complicated list of tools depending on the caliber, quality, and scope of the mod.

Different modders use different tools and styles to make their ideas a reality. But which tools are a necessity? Let us know which tools you as a modder can’t live without.

Make the choice . . .

Vote for the tool you think is most important for modding. Don’t see your choice? Vote other and write it in the comments section.

  • Powerdrill for me!
    Wish it had multiple options 🙂

    • Raymen Wu

      Too many choices!

  • Mike Petereyns

    A good marker and puncture tool to ensure measurements…

    • Raymen Wu

      Yeah, that’s a good point

  • Mickee Boy Lacerna

    Other because I love Vinyl cutter for making custom decals.

    • Raymen Wu

      Another good one

  • Dave Cathey

    Everything I do involves a marker or pen at some point, but I know a lot of people who would say the most important tool is the one on your shoulders.

    • Raymen Wu

      Yes yes, totally!

  • ZenModz

    I was going to say Rotary Saw, But most of whats in the list is important for modding. So I have to say Other.

  • FILES! I good hand file is the key to modding 🙂

  • Frenk Janse

    Dremel. No substitutes.