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June 20, 2017

Street Art on Side Panels

What would a street artist be doing at COMPUTEX? We thought it would be an interesting display of LeFunky’s art on a canvas of nine MasterCase Pro 6 side panels. The results were stunning and caught the attention of everyone that passed by.

Wall of Cases

Why stop with side panels!?! Why not make it into a wall of full sized cases? LeFunky had some time after COMPUTEX and brought his vision to life.

Modding, Art, or both?

It was magical to see Tech Modified (previously known as Oz Modz) and LeFunky collaborate on the Cosmos II 25th Anniversary Edition. They both added their special touch to the case inside and out. Together they named it “Steet Dreams”. They went on to work their magic on the Asus Maximus VIII, BitsPower VGA cooling blocks, and more.

  • eligh


  • Ikonov

    Quite amateur actually.(respectfully). This is what happens when you just don’t look around sufficiently for higher skilled artists, mostly due to these top artists being hidden by a large horde of amateur level street artists. SMH


      It’s pretty amateur in respect to the outcome of this build. But, the better artists and modders are SLAMMED right now and it’s getting more difficult to commission these guys unless they are getting paid. The modding “community” is becoming a small “industry” and it is really starting to pick up steam and leave the niche that it is. I’ll miss the niche though…

  • anonimo