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Portuguese Community Can Make Anything Into a PC

August 29, 2017

Written by: Calen Saddler

Portugal is known for its sunshine, stunning scenery, and beautiful aesthetics, but not much is known about the Portuguese modding scene. It’s been my experience that smaller modding communities tend to be very tight knit. We talked to a group of friends; Alberto Soares, Fred Sant, Luis Alves and Paulo Reis.

Fred Sant described Portugal’s mods as, “unique, detailed, and full of soul.” I had to agree. Each one contained an essence about it; almost like it was a living object. The name of the game is being resourceful while pushing the boundaries of traditional PC building. No object is safe and they love using whatever is around them to mod with.

Portuguese modders really take it to a whole new level by reinventing things and transforming objects into new creations. It is a talent that Portuguese modders have down to a science. This cuts down on waste going to landfills and gives things an opportunity to live a new life as a part of one of these stunning creations.

Fred Santos 

Fred Sant is a 33 year old modder/maker from Torres Vedras, Portugal. He is an amazing artist. Lately his 3D printer has been his go to as it allows him to be truly free form in his projects.

“By what I see and speak for myself we do not follow the built-in tendencies, we follow our own ideas. Portugal is a beautiful country but it is a long way from the great centers of technology and we also have to find ways to create our mods. We do not have hardware support like other countries so our style has to be more focused on the hardware we have.”

Alberto Soares (Tankian)

Alberto AKA Tankian has a lot of fun with his work and it shows in his Youtube channel. You’ll often find funny photos or videos from him. He takes care of every detail as seen from his time-lapse videos (a lot of neat tricks that we can learn). If you want to explore the root of modding, I highly recommend checking out his creations. Alberto told us what it is like modding with the things you have available.

 “We all try to do more with less. I mean we don’t have any big budgets or more than one sponsor (Cooler Master is in most cases the only one we have) so we always try our best in a hard situation. Sacrifice and adaptation, I believe, are skills that we have mastered!”

He recently worked with other Portuguese modders to build a special mod for a big tech youtuber here in Portugal, named Nuno Agonia. “The mod is being hosted by Cooler Master Portugal and we believe that this mod will bring Portuguese modding to the next level.”

Paulo Reis aka EvilPT

Paulo AKA EvilPT is a 36 year old computer technician and resides in the village of Sintra, Portugal. He has a true love for what it is to mod and his creativity always shines through. Paulo is well known for his, “Project Pipeline” and now “PIPELINE V2 “PV2”.

 “From everything that surrounds me, from my works, and from my imagination I always strive to create something new and innovative.”

Luís Alves

Luis AKA Shuper’ Luu’ is a 25 year old mechanical engineer and also the founder of the modding group Modaafoca. Not only does he make his mods out of any and everything, but he’s also quite the content creator. His creativity extends to the gear he uses to film videos and take pictures. He made a car camera mount out of a suction cup window mount. For him, looking at objects in a different way is what modding is all about.

“I started modding in 2005. At the time, my goal was to put a bigger cooler (Zalman lovely copper coolers) and bigger PSU in my case. Currently what influences me is what new modders and modding fans are seeking to know. I explore new ideas and concepts and explain them the best I can.  Portuguese culture has one small thing that applies to most people here. We have to find one way to make it work. With that in mind, we are small budget mod experts.”

You don’t have to have the best hardware to make a truly epic mod. These Portugues modders show that some creativity and resourcefulness can go a long way. So the next time you see a stack of old piping or some scrap metal that’s getting ready to go to the landfill, grab it and make it into something exciting and new!