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Which is your favorite Cooler Master case
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Poll: What’s Your Favorite CM Case of all Time?

February 16, 2017

New is Cool, but Old is Gold

This year we’re celebrating Cooler Master’s 25th anniversary. That’s 25 years of awesome coolers, peripherals, power supplies, and of course cases. Some of us have been around since the beginning. Some of us came in much later. But what all of you and all of us here at Cooler Master have in common is a love for great cases. But which Cooler Master case did/do you love the most?

Make the choice . . .

Since we’ve made so many cases over the years, we just listed each series in the poll. But we want to know which specific case you love the most in the comments.

  • Mathias Ganneau

    cosmos 2 for me and i want see a new cosmos case

  • Rhett Glenister

    The HAF Stacker 935 is my favourite because of its water cooling prospects. I like the idea of being able to stack a 915F or a 915R additional water cooling or storage.

    • DK Robins

      I love my 935… to bad they discontinued it.

  • rainbrodash666

    I love the cosmos 1000, I remember seeing my first “high end” rig in a pawn shop by my friends place, it was an i7 970 with sli gtx 285’s water cooled with a window in the case, and a DFI LANParty UT X58-T3eH8 motherboard with a vrm heatsink that came out the back of the case. it was enormous and beautiful in the monolithic cosmos 1000 standing magesticly along side A $3,999.99 price tag. and crushed by the bane of being in middle school. I really want to re create that pc some day. sponsor me coolermaster

  • Blake Steyn

    The Cosmos II is the only case I’ve ever loved… and I mean the ONLY case I’ve ever loved vs every other pc case ever created in history by any company!

  • Paul Watson

    How can you forget the greatest of them all, the ATCS 840?! I am still using mine since new, and have gone through 4-5 different builds with the same case, albeit making some modifications on the way.

  • Axe

    Are there any cases with 3.1 gen 2 ports??

  • mikaboshi32

    Stacker stc-01 all the way!

  • Daniel Sabatello

    I’ll never give up my Cosmos Sport!

  • Gosin Nilratana

    You should show picture in each type, man, that is not good.