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Winners Announced for Nvidia MasterCase Pro 5 Design Contest

July 13, 2017

So many designs, but only 12 were selected for the final round. And only 3 of those talented designers are able to take home the prize. These lucky individuals will not only get a Nvidia GPU, but they’ll also get a MasterCase Pro 5 based on their winning design. Together Cooler Master and Nvidia brings the work of these designers to life and a lucky few that voted for them.

Nvidia Your Rig. Your Way. Contest Winners!

1st Place: Eriec Yevado Tohjoyo of Indonesia

Rather than defaulting to the signature Nvidia green, he has used it as an accent to highlight a design made up of many other brighter colors. His main design is a rainbow of shapes brought together to create two phoenix like creatures. It stands out and appeals to a wide audience.

2nd Place: Alex Reagan of Indonesia

Using a bare minimum of lines and shading, he has constructed an image of a pilot in a cockpit, but at the same time it’s actually a gamer sitting in front of a high-end GTX powered gaming rig. It even says “VR Experience Ready to Engage” on one of the monitors in the picture, making the design both impressive and personal to the very gamers who would want a case like this.

3rd Place: Muhammad Danny of Indonesia

Instead of using the iconic Nvidia green, this design’s main color is gray.  He uses a mixture of gradients made up of whites and grays to create a mildly intricate play of patterns. The design doesn’t stand out as much as the other winners but it may be the most marketable to the traditional Nvidia audience. While you might see a few people with a case skin like the first and second place winners, this one could easily be seen on the desks of gamers around the world.

Congratulations to the winners and great job to all the talented finalists.

Take a look at the winning designs in more detail at the Nvidia Your Rig. Your Way. website.

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    No hate here… and these are stellar entries. But why are they all Indonesian? I see a heck of a lot of really relevant entries in the line up from all over the world.