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Maker Faire Taipei

February 17, 2016

Most modders are also PC builders. And all PC builders are Makers. But PC builders aren’t the only Makers out there. 3D printers, robot designers, VR developers, and so many other types of people with an unlimited number of skills and talents can be and are Makers. The Maker’s Spirit is important to us and that’s why Cooler Master makes it a point to participate in events like Maker Faire.

On October 29th – 30th Cooler Master helped sponsor and attended Maker Faire Taipei. We had a large area with several different interactive activities. Visitors were able to play classic Atari games on a custom built PC. They were given the chance to experience VR with the Oculus Rift. We had a Mini Mod with a PCB set up with a Master Mouse Pro L and a MasterKeys Pro L RGB so people could play games and learn about the Raspberry Pi. We held a DIY PC building tutorial and let children draw on PC cases or put stickers on them. We also gave out a bunch of Mini Mods as raffle prizes. And since it was so close to Halloween we brought plenty of candy.

If you want to host a modding or Maker event near you, use the Contact Us tab and tell us how we can help.