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Get Funky with Le Funky

January 17, 2017

Modding becomes more and more impressive and complicated with each passing year. What started out as simply adding a few holes for better airflow is now robotic cases that can transform into moving cars. But sometimes you just want something as simple as a nice paint job. That’s why we are proud to work with people like Gabriel Roque aka Le Funky. This is a modder who’s all about the appearance. He doesn’t care so much about what’s inside the case but rather how the PC looks when you first see it. He’s not the kind of modder that cuts designs into a chassis or puts in a hardline liquid cooling system. But what he can do is hand paint a MasterCase 5 in ways that many professional modders can only dream about.

What’s special about Le Funky’s pieces is the originality of his art style. His characters are distinct. He refers to them as citizens he sees while “travelling to his parallel planet” within his own mind. His process sounds simple on paper, which sadly makes it sound less impressive than it really is. It sounds like he just listens to music and paints. But as any artist knows, it’s so much more than that. He uses music to channel specific emotions into the character of the piece he’s creating. The desired feel of the piece affects the choice of music he listens to while painting. Some of his favorite musicians include Jimi Hendrix, Miles Davis, Sublime, Charles Mingus, and Funkadelic. The emotional connections he makes with the music are distinct within his work. When looking at his drawings try to see if you can figure out what he was feeling or listening to when he drew it.

From a young age, Le Funky always knew that he would be a visual artist. He was always drawing with whatever he could on whatever he could. This wasn’t just a hobby though. It was the roots of a serious profession. He studied graphic design and illustration in college, but ultimately found handmade drawing and painting more fulfilling.

Even when I was young I never thought about doing anything else. I always wanted to work in drawing.

Coming out of college, he was committed to being an illustrator. A big part of Le Funky’s life is music. He plays jams with multiple groups quite often. This interest and participation in live, unwritten music has a large effect on his art style as well. He is a huge fan of graffiti art and considers that his favorite visual style to draw in. Living in Portugal with his parents, Le Funky started a small business doing commissioned art work and custom merchandising. At first it was all grass roots marketing. Drawing on people’s hats, t shirts, notebooks and such. Eventually he got commissioned to do some walls for businesses and slowly he has built up a working business in just the two years since he graduated from college.

I want people to interpret my work in their very own way. I want them to feel happiness, anger, pain, excitement or any other strong feeling...

Like with so many other talented individuals, Le Funky started working with Cooler Master by accident. He was drawing on some shirts at a Maker Faire in Portugal and we were amazed by his work. We gave him a case panel to draw on and the rest is history. Le Funky now mods Cooler Master cases and attends events with us regularly. He’s joined us for events like Gamescom, the ASUS 10th Anniversary LAN Party, and Dreamhack. Cooler Master is delighted to bring talented makers like him closer to the PC building and modding community. Yesterday he was an illustrator, but today he’s a modder. At Cooler Master anyone can be one when you Make It Yours.