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When a Goldsmith Crosses Over to Modding – Femke F.A.T.

June 28, 2017

A Touch of Gold and Glitter

Femke Agnes Toele aka F.A.T. is a modder like no other. While many mods lean towards darker colors and aggressive styles, she brings a goldsmith’s touch to any hardware that comes her way.  Sometimes she even adds a bit of glitter to top it off.

Nail Polish on a Gaming Mouse. Why Not!?!

According to F.A.T., the MasterMouse Pro L doesn’t need to be black with RGB lighting. Inspired by her work during COMPUTEX 2017, she shows how anyone can add some pink highlights and lots of glitter.

Femke’s Mods Are Pure Gold

A glamorous gaming mouse needs a glamorous PC to go with it. Femke, a professional goldsmith, gave a MasterCase Pro 5 the special treatment by adding a gold finish, literally setting the gold standard in modding.

More From Femke F.A.T.

You can find out more about Femke F.A.T.’s projects and jewelry making from her website and Facebook page.