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FEATURED MODS AND MODDERS – Dark Snow by Sitangshu Adhikary

written by: Terrence Sellers

A Maker’s Spirit

There are pathfinders and there are path creators. Sitangshu Adhikary is the latter. Ever since he was a boy, he has always been on a mission to find new ways to express his creativity.

Initially this thirst to create was satiated with tinkering. Over the course of his youth, he fashioned several custom sound amplifiers, FM radio transmitters, and powerful motorized toys. These projects were instrumental in preparing him for what would finally be his greatest artistic outlet: case modding.

The Modern Times

As a tinkerer of the modern age, Sitangshu has always been interested in computers. As a boy, it was hard for him to learn about things like modding. After some drastic changes in the Bangladesh infrastructure, this was no longer an issue. Sitangshu had become hooked on the idea of modding thanks to more stable internet connections, which in turn allowed him to observe the fast growing world of custom flairs among PC enthusiasts.

Sounds Like A Good Idea

The ideas were there, but the resources weren’t. Enter Razoanul Kabir Ruhi, who saw the spark of creativity in Sitangshu and gave him the opportunity to start “ideaMods”, a custom workshop built around the concept of PC modding.

It took off well with custom desks and later graduated to full scale case modding, which eventually led to “Dark Snow”. Like the name suggests, the build was meant to portray a good balance of darkness and light. Hence the black and white color scheme. It teeters on the line between aesthetically sound and visually stunning while retaining some level of modesty. An important goal for this mod was keeping the modular features of the chassis intact while noticeably altering its visual character. Sitangshu hopes to take the PC modding community of Bangladesh to the next level one mod at a time. Dark Snow is the latest step in accomplishing that goal and it’s quite an impressive one.



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