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Cosmos II 25th Anniversary Edition Builds

July 5, 2017

The COSMOS II 25th Anniversary Edition is a case like no other. It has all the features that made the COSMOS II the most popular ultra tower case and added some improvements based on community feedback. Sporting an aluminum motherboard tray, blue LED ambient lighting, and two single-pane, curved tempered glass side panels, this is the most premium E-ATX compatible case on the market today. A case of this caliber deserves to shine.

COSMOS II 25th Anniversary Build


This system was created with aesthetics in mind but only as an afterthought to crucial elements of PC building such as airflow and heat dissipation. Custom nickle plated copper tubing has been used for it’s advanced cooling properties. Two separate cooling loops have been created and color coded (black: CPU / white: GPU) so the two GTX 1080 GPUs and i7-7700 CPU can have maximum cooling efficiency without sharing runoff heat. Mostly black components have been used for an elegant appearance, but a few subtle uses of RGB lighting allow for an interesting play between the lighting and chrome colored liquid cooling tubes. With Silencio fans and liquid cooled components, this build ensures a powerful, yet quiet user experience.

COSMOS II 25th Anniversary Build

by Tantric

This case has been modded so that the motherboard sits rotated 90 degrees from it’s usual position. This alteration allowed the reservoir to be built right in front of the radiator. The reservoir is able to act as a wall, forcing heat out through the front of the case and not allowing it to return to the components. The two GTX 1070 graphics cards have been bridged vertically. This positioning makes it so graphics card cables no longer have to compete with the rest of the motherboard cables for space, creating a much cleaner cabling environment. The intense green of the coolant is easily matched by Cooler Master MasterFan Pro 120 Air Flow RGB fans. With a Cooler Master MasterWatt Maker 1200, this system can run smoothly and efficiently, providing a powerful user experience for years to come.

Street Dreams

by Tech Modified

This system is the product of a collaboration between professional modding and graffiti art. Each panel has been hand painted and drawn for a one of kind street style.  High-end components were used and customized in order to make a build worthy of this case. Two GTX 1080 graphics cards and an Intel i7-7700K CPU have been liquid cooled using the soon to be released Cooler Master MasterLiquid Maker 240 DIY liquid cooling kit. G.SKILL RGB RAM, Cooler Master MasterFan Pro 120 Air Balance RGB fans, and multi-color CableMod sleeved cables have been used for a perfectly balanced color scheme. Even the Cooler Master v1200 Platinum power supply has been hand painted to keep a consistent look throughout the build.

The COSMOS II 25th Anniversary Edition is available in stores now. Make your own spectacular mod with this premium case and you could have it featured here and on our social media. Just send us your pictures and spec list.

  • Kevin Chimusaru


  • Alessio “AlessioA004” Andreoli

    Those mods are amzing, but i think there is a mistake in the components list of the first mod. The motherboard seems an Asus ROG Strix Z270-E or Z270-F, not a Maximus 9 Formula

    • Raymen Wu

      good catch, we fixed it!

  • Good Gaming PC

    The link to Tech Modified has an odd “1” at the end of it – needs a quick update to work 🙂

  • rpphoto

    so has anyone done a High-Flow Air Only Build Yet in a Cosmos? , im getting ready to start a new Rig Build however i will not be using WaterCooling and planning on high-air-flow system…

    • Frank Honest

      why not? even a 140/240 AIO will still allow to exhaust cpu heat outside the case, and case/gpu temps will drop by 20-30*C.
      unless of course, your not gonna run a dedicated gpu…