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Vote for Best Mod of ANZ Edition

May 19, 2017

Pick Your Favourites by 5/25 

Vote to win awesome prizes

We’ve all been waiting with anticipation to see the final submissions from Australia and New Zealand this year and the time has finally come. Look through 7 creative submissions, and vote for the best mod of ANZ before May 25!

Vote for a chance to win a lucky draw prizes. You can choose up to 3 mods per day when you vote.
Voting automatically enters you into a raffle to win awesome PC gear. Please use a valid email so we can contact you if you win.

Public Voting Lucky Draw Giveaway:
1. Cooler Master MasterKeys Pro L RGB Crystal Edition
2. Cooler Master MasterMouse Pro L
3. Cooler Master MasterPulse
4. ASUS PG248Q
5. HyperX Savage DDR4 2800MHz 16GB
6. HyperX Savage SSD 240G
7. Seagate Backup Plus Ultra Slim 1TB

*For more pictures of each entry please scroll down to the gallery section.

Entry Gallery

1.   NAME: Alex Ciobanu

COUNTRY: Australia


My case mod is inspired by Mass Effect and it is based on the spaceship from the new Andromeda game, TEMPEST! The idea was too create a complex looking build inside that Master Case Maker 5t that is not just well put together, however well engineered to take advantage of every space this case has to offer to create an amazing looking water cooling system and overall build. One that could pass as a spaceship engine or a reactor of some sorts. The case mods done include inverting the motherboard with the I/O at the top which involved cutting the entire back panel section as well as the top section of the case. The PSU was also relocated to the front of the case in order to allow all of the pass through fittings to connect in the bottom compartment and also showcase two Seagate HDDs there. New panels were made from 1.2mm thick aluminium for both the inside and outside of the case, these involved a combination of CNC cutting, laser cutting, a lot of design work and manual hand brushing of the bare aluminium as well as lots of filing. The case also features an extra ‘top’ panel on the back in order to cover the exterior radiator and follow the same design aspect all round. The end result is a build that looks stunning and ultra clean from every single angle you can look at it and one that would surely stand out inside the Mass Effect universe.

2.   NAME: Brian Fordham

COUNTRY: New Zealand


Taking the classic CM stacker updating the look while keeping with the Coolermaster design. Took elements from a lot of the other CM products and used a rounded and 45-degree motifs through the build. For a sleek and elegant build. Updated to accommodate the water cooking moved the PSU to the front tidied up all the lines on the case and broke up the boxy shape. tried to keep the elements of the case and just add to them. Used the Maker 5 upgrade kit to modernise the machine, Took the old UV glass and made a floating feature took the top idea from the newer CM stacker. All the components feature the 45-degree motifs.

3.   NAME: Ethan Cooper

COUNTRY: Australia

PROJECT NAME: The Eternal Dragon

The Eternal Dragon is a Dragonball Z themed mod built in the Cooler Master MasterCase 6. I built Shenron himself flying out of a cloud built around the MasterCase 6. Shenron also acts as the Resiviour for the system. The waterloop is 7.8L in capacity… The 7 Dragonballs were made out of resin using a ping pong ball for a mould. The cloud the engulfs the case is made from expanding foam that has been shaped. Shenron’s head and hands were sculpted out of clay. This mod took approximately 450 hours to complete!

4.   NAME: Ken Byrnes – ZenModz

COUNTRY: Australia

PROJECT NAME: Guardians of the Galaxy 2 But Thinner

What started of as a case that I had only planned to make Thinner, Ended up getting a much bigger overhaul. I vary much want to redesign a case in a way that i my self had not seen done before, so taking 60mm out of the center and still adding a good amount of hardware and making it look like it was bought from the CM shop was the look is was going for.
So far all of my previous mods have had a very weathered look. so stepping it up to a clean build was my next mission. From the start I hadn’t planned to add a theme to the build but when I showed my son the color I planned to paint the case he sad it that case going to be the Guardians of the Galaxy case?
Are yea maybe?
And with that Thinner build merged into Guardians of the Galaxy 2.

5.   NAME: Ken Byrnes – ZenModz

COUNTRY: Australia

PROJECT NAME: Gears of War 4

Case: The case is a cross between the master case 5 and the Master case 5t. Stripped down and rebuilt, the mobo tray has been flipped from left to the right side and rotated 90 degree with the IO port now being at the top of the case. GPU cover tray has been flipped upside down to lower the mobo tray 10mm, old IO port now houses 2x CM140mm fans mounted on the 240 top case fan mounts the front dust cover has been refitted to the back of the case and works the same way as it did on the front. Cooling is all Bits Power, with 1x 360 rad in the front with 6 CM 120mm fans in push pull config. 2x CM 140mm fans in the rear pulling air in from the back to the front of the case where the front fans pull air out. 1x bits Power pump-top running 2 D5 pumps running two loops from the one pump-top. Full CPU cover water block, 2x ram water blocks, 1x gpu water block. 16mm tubing for loop. 2x hexagon res, 1x 150mm res.

6.   NAME: Stephen Hoad – Oz Modz

COUNTRY: Australia

PROJECT NAME: Assassins Creed

My Assassins Creed build is here. I did this build to coincide with the Assassins Creed Movie release late last year.
I used the Cooler Master Master Box 5 and I went for a clean Black and White theme with red highlights.

7.   NAME: Stephen Hoad – Oz Modz

COUNTRY: Australia

PROJECT NAME: Rocket League

Think Rocket League is fun? Imagine playing it on this bad boy!
This is my entry into the Cooler Master Case Mod World Series and believe it or not I started with a Cooler Master Elite 110 Mini ITX case. I’m very happy with how this project has turned out. My first steps was to strip the case completely and rebuild this into an ATX size mod. Every single piece from the original case was use except for the ITX motherboard tray.
I wanted this build to emulate the Rocket League theme and I tried to achieve this by:
Colors – Blue and Orange which represents not only the 2 teams in Rocket League it also is the 2 primary colors used throughout.
– The case is hexagonal now which also is the same as a level in Rocket League – Starbase Arc
– The front power button is designed to look like a goal has just been scored and the animations explode outwards.
– Using the hexagon backdrop to simulate the Rocket League Wall boundaries in game.
– Cars – Recently Rocket League had a DLC pack with a dodge charger this was one of the cars used on the top
– The Iconic Rocket League Shield was made and combined so it would slowly spin around. On the back side containg Sponsor logos.
– Lighting Using the ASUS Aura software to control 75% of the lighting means It matches the theme and can change when the game is being played.
-Lighting G Skill RGB RAM was selected as it matched the color theme perfectly!
-Cables Blue/Orange custom cables from Cablemod allowed them to look seamless and almost invisible within the build.
-Paint the Paint has been done to create a tear away feel which symbolizes pace and speed which is reflected in the game with boost trails.
– The pitch, every Map has the rocket League pitch which has a hexagonal pattern on it as well.

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