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Case Mod World Series 2017 Meetup with Boddaker and PCjunkieMods

April 26, 2017

On April 8th we held our first Case Mod World Series 2017 meetup. Cooler Master teamed up with Modders Inc.Newegg, and NVIDIA to throw a modding party in Los Angeles, CA complete with PC building, prizes, and pizza!

We brought together many impressive modders to showcase some modding tips and tricks, gave away some great prizes to help budding modders get started, and brought together a multitude of PC enthusiasts from the Los Angeles area to discuss their modding interests and projects. With the help of Newegg, we also had a two hour live stream prior to the event that allowed people to ask questions directly to pros in the modding community and PC manufacturing industry. Check it out!

This is just the first of many live modding events for the Case Mod World Series this year. Check out our events tab for all the modding meetups around the world. If you don’t see a meetup in your area and you’d like to help host one please contact us and let’s try to make it happen together.

To find out more about the Case Mod World Series 2017 please visit the official site for all the latest updates.