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Case Mod World Series 2017

February 7, 2017

The Case Mod World Series 2017 begins!

This is the eighth annual installment of the world’s largest case modding competition. We’ve added a bonus 25th anniversary category to celebrate Cooler Master’s long history of creating break-through products.

We are expanding the scope of the World Series to include local modding workshops and meetup in multiple countries. Make sure to sign-up or even contact us and help initiate on in your area. Special limited edition #MASTERBUILD t-shirts will be available.

Some fantastic prizes totaling over US$40,000 are in store for this year’s winners. The registration deadline for this year’s competition is March 31st, 2017. To get involved and follow updates as the competition unfolds, please click here to visit the official site.

The event is being co-sponsored by many leaders in the PC building industry such as Intel, ASUS, Nvidia, HyperX, Seagate, Bitspower and Dremel. Some fantastic prizes totaling over US$40,000 are in store for this year’s winners, but there is more reason to get involved than just the jackpot. Modders can share their fantastic creations with a worldwide audience and fire up their creative juices with other local modders through regional events.

Case Mod World Series 2016 Winners

Tower Mod

1st: Master of Dimension by Mr. Waii
2nd: Gigantea by David Cathey
3rdMaster X5 by neSSa

Scratch Build

1st: Ghost Rider­ by Modder Crow
2nd: Re.born by Masbuskado
3rd: GSW CYBORG by Nenad Milic

People’s Choice Awards

Tower ModPandora Box Pegasus by Allyson Carneiro
Scratch BuildTriHexa 666 – Apocalypse Dragon by Kanishka Akalanka


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    can’t wait to see the new mods!