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Cooler Master X Artists

January 3, 2017

Cooler Master X Artists

Cooler Master collaborates with artists from around the world to change the way PCs are created and built from an aesthetic point-of-view. Artists are from all walks of life from tattoo artists to graphic designers to modders have given us a whole new way of looking at PCs in a trend setting way.

Check out some of the artists who Cooler Master will be collaborating with in the upcoming year.

Le Funky

Graffiti Artist / Portugal

Le Funky is a graffiti artist who takes inspiration from skateboarding and music culture. He first made a name for himself by drawing on merchandise like hats and shirts, but now he paints on PC cases. Le Funky’s latest project is vinyl skins for the Mastercase Maker 5.

Nina of Suivre L’etoile (Modding Club)

Tattoo Artist / France

Nina is a tattoo artist, making the human body her canvas of choice. Her husband inspired her to try modding the MasterPulse over-ear headset. She has produced multiple mods of the MasterPulse such as the Steampunk version and several hand drawn Bass FX side panels.

Jim Weist

Modder / USA

Jim is a PC modder by trade. Originally starting out in 2012, he was modding only as a hobby but the internet quickly took a liking to his style and he saw an opportunity to make modding into a business. Jim’s latest project is the tower mod, ‘Celtic Forge’.

Tim ``Timpelay`` Pettersson

Custom PC Designer / Sweden

Tim is a structural engineer with a passion for tinkering. He doesn’t just mod computers, but also cars, sound systems, and basically any other piece of equipment worth improving. Tim’s latest project is the limited edition MasterPulse over-ear Vintage. 

Ken Byrnes of ZenMods

Modder / Australia

Ken is an artist by trade with more than 30 years of experience. He first got into PC modding a couple years ago, but has already won modding contests like the Case Mod World Series ANZ edition. Ken’s latest project is vinyl skins for the MasterCase Maker 5.

Jeng_Ki WMP

Modder / Thailand

Jeng_Ki is a big comic book fan. One of his favorite comic book characters, Ironman, was the spark that first inspired him to try case modding.  Jeng_Ki likes to base his mods on comics and games. Jeng_Ki’s latest project is the tower mod Beast of Warrior.


Illustrator / Taiwan

Robin is an illustrator with a passion for surfing. His free spirited style and passion has led him to partner with various international brands and projects through his company, Chirolab, in Taipei. Robin’s latest project is ear cup skins for the MasterPulse over-ear headset.