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Cooler Master Case Mod World Series 25th Anniversary Category
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Bringing Back the Icons – BONUS 25th Anniversary Category

March 13, 2017

In celebration of Cooler Master’s 25th anniversary, we’ve added a BONUS category to the Case Mod World Series that gives the winner an additional $2500 plus prizes. The 25th Anniversary Award challenges modders to travel back in time and adorn some of our iconic cases of old with modern modding prowess. We have selected some of our most iconic classic cases to be used for both Tower and Scratch mods.

  1. ATCS Series
  2. WaveMaster
  3. CM Stacker Series
  4. Centurion Series
  5. Praetorian Series
  6. Cavalier Series
  7. Ammo
  8. Mystique Series
  9. CM Media Series

These cases were chosen not just because of how well they sold, but because of how they revolutionized the PC case industry. Most of the cases today have been greatly influenced by these specific case lines.

On top of being entered into either regular category, participants in this category will be given the chance to win an additional $2,500 in cash plus $1,800 in components and a Dremel 3000 series rotary tool kit. That means all participants in this section can potentially take home a total of $7,500 in cash plus an additional $5,800 in prizes including two Dremel rotary tool kits. The winning mod could also potentially be displayed in our booth at Computex Taipei this year for our 25th Anniversary celebration. There’s just no reason not to try for this category.

A few of the entries in this category so far:

Project: Half Life 2: Gordon Freeman Edition by Sotiris Lagopatis

Check out the worklog here.

Project: Sleeper by Craig Tate

Check out the worklog here.

830 Stacker Nvidia Edition by Darra McMahon

Check out the worklog here.

A not yet titled project by Arnaud

Check out the worklog here.

You can find out all the information you need about the 25th Anniversary category on the Case Mod World Series webpage and see more worklogs on our official competition forum.

There is still plenty of time to enter this category and the Case Mod World Series in general. Registration is open until March 31st so whether you have a classic case you want to mod or any Cooler Master chassis, be a part of PC building history and enter the competition.