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Vote for the Best Mini Mod

February 26, 2016

Vote for the Best Mini Mod

Win a Free Mouse

We’ve all been waiting with anticipation to see what the pros could do with the Mini Mod and the time has finally come. Without further ado, Cooler Master is proud to present the entries of the Mini Mod Invitational. All 14 modders created impressive submissions, but there’s only one trophy which means someone has to be crowned the champion.

It’s up to you to decide who created the best Mini Mod. Use the poll below and tell us who you think deserves to be crowned King of the Mini Mod and take home the trophy. Let us know why you picked that one and what you thought of the other Mini Mods in the comments. You can choose up to 5 mods when you vote.

Voting automatically enters you into a raffle to WIN A FREE CM Storm Mizar mouse so please use a valid email so we can contact you if you win.

*For more pictures of each entry please scroll down to the gallery section.

Entry Gallery

1.   NAME: Tantric

COUNTRY: Philippines

MINI MOD NAME: MasterCase ROG Mini

The design and concept of this Mini Mod is based on the armor and heatsink of the ASUS Maximus VIII with a bit of my personal touch.

2.   NAME: ReaperVon


MINI MOD NAME: Guardian Of The Maker

I really like futuristic look like cars, robots and most especially Gundams, so I decided to do it this way, my main style in pc case modding. The idea is to transform the MasterCase 5 into a futuristic case like a Gundam Mothership with heavy weapons installed on it and use one of my most favorite powerful gundam “Deep Striker” as a “Guardian Of The Maker”.

3.   NAME: Oz Modz

COUNTRY: Australia


I wanted to try to recreate a nice clean water cooled gaming system and setup that someone might use day to day. I made the table, chair, cushions and peripherals to match and stay within the same scale. I want people to have to look twice before realising it is in fact MINI. I also wanted to make it completely functional pc which i managed to do by incorporating a Intel stick (after some modifications of course.)

4.   NAME: Summer


MINI MOD NAME: Little girl

I want to make a mini version of girl’s dream. (the PC system I currently use now is exactly looks like this Mini Mod)

5.   NAME: Ash

COUNTRY: Sri Lanka


The design Concept for this mod is SteamPunk Machinery which usually described as a genre of science fiction that typically features steam-powered machinery rather than advanced technology. and its even considered that Leonardo da vinci is the inventor of these mechanical masterpieces. i used the same methods that is used on traditional Chinese winding clocks, the cogs that i took apart from old clocks are aligned in order so when one rotates all of them does and in return turning the fans that are connected to them, all 5 fans including the top radiator fans which is made from the tiny master air maker, which was cut apart and glued together. the paint methods and the aesthetics used on this mod are all used to portray the steampunk machinery.  i used a motor and a 9 volt battery to turn the cogs that handle the fans as well as some old school bulbs to bring out the steampunk look.


COUNTRY: Malaysia

MINI MOD NAME: Simplicity

While the mod wasn’t simple, the concept is. Simplicity is based on 2 reasons. Firstly it’s based on my case-mod style, secondly I wanted it to look simple yet be fully functional so it blends in to any desktop environment without being an eye-sore.

7.   NAME: MikeP

COUNTRY: Belgium


The whole idea is to MOD this mini case like I almoast should mod a real seized case with custom paint job, miniature hardware and watercooling components and some 3D printed parts and logo’s. Just like a real mod only 100 times smaller J !!

8.   NAME: F3nix Mods

COUNTRY: United Kingdom


Funnily enough my main objective from the moment that I saw the mini puzzle was to leave it as undisturbed as possible, for me became a matter of displaying and protecting the kit, a bit like displaying a trophy. The only way forward was to work around it, and when I say around, I really mean around, lol. Some minor modding to the kit so as to allow full integration and functionality of the PI, a power and control pedestal and several layers of acrylic later the Cooler PI was born. Hope you enjoy it and MOD ON!!!

9.   NAME: Rchiileea

COUNTRY: United Kingdom


I wanted to do the impossible and actually have a full working windows PC inside the box, the specs of the PC are , AMD Dual-Core Processor E-450, AMD Radeon HD 6320, 4gb crucial 1600 DDR3, 120gb samsung 850 evo windows 8.1.

10.   NAME: Deblow

COUNTRY: United Kingdom


I only had a couple of days to complete this mod due to a last minute entry, so very little time for planning and modding. So I decided to work with things I already had in my workshop, paints, lighting and vinyl. I had also recently completed a MasterCase 3 Tron mod and thought it would be great to have a mini version with slight change to the original design. The original mini mod was painted black with light blue EL wire, I then was going to cover the paint with a think mesh and paint it blue, I changed my mind and decided I would attempt to rebuild the case from Perspex, this however would have taken too long so for the final design I went with a brushed steal effect wrap, this also help make it different from my bigger MasterCase 3 and 5 mods.

12.   NAME: InsolentGnome


MINI MOD NAME: Violaceous

A clean purple build with white accents.

12.   NAME: Masbuskado

COUNTRY: Dominican Republic

MINI MOD NAME: Harley Quinn: Daddy’s Lil Monster

The design of my mini mod is based on the Comic Character “Harley Quinn” from DC Comic.  I went with the old Harley Quinn Character the Black and Red one.   I used one element of the New Harley Quinn the phrase  on her t-shirrt “Daddy’s Lil Monster” that appear in the Suicide Squad movie.  I even went a little bit further and custom made her weapon of choice “A big wooden hammer”.

13.   NAME: Caio Santos



The mod was based on R2D2 from the Star Wars movies.




The design was originally created for a project in the Master Case 5, and it is a puzzle of the same case in miniature, I decided to replicate the changes reduced scale. The project theme is the Cyberpunk, a subgenre of science fiction in a future setting that tends to focus on society as “high tech low life” featuring advanced technological and scientific achievements, such as information technology and cybernetics, juxtaposed with a degree of breakdown or radical change in the social order.

The more votes the better so please share this post on social media with the hashtags #CMMOD & #MiniModInvitational.

  • Nafjan Thottathil

    nice designs!!! keep it up guys.

  • Daniel Dal Bello

    Violaceous – Super clean and sleek, love it

  • Dill Pickens

    I’m liking the Mini Tron. Nice simple, well executed mod. Good work!

  • mohdnoh

    nice 🙂

  • Anbarasu P

    super desigsma

  • osha2010

    nice nice

  • Ty Lund

    Not sure how you vote but my favorite in order are 5. 3D PIco 4. Violaceous 3. Mini Cyber MC5 2. Mini Tron. and 1. Paradox. I love these designs!

  • Rade

    1. Mini Cyber MC5, 2. Guardian of the maker, 3. Violaceous, 4. Mini Tron, 5. Blue Dash